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Melissa Clarkson https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9979-176X 2019-07 image/svg+xml https://endlessforms.info/cfac/cfac0196 en Copyright (c) 2019, Melissa Clarkson CC BY-NC-SA infantHead anterior

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infantHead anterior


head, infant, canonical anatomy, anterior


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Melissa Clarkson


Copyright © 2019 Melissa Clarkson


anteriorInfant mouthNose philtrumLine left canonical cfac0197
anteriorInfant mouthNose philtrumLine right canonical cfac0198
anteriorInfant hairline line7 cfac0199
anteriorInfant hairline line6 cfac0200
anteriorInfant hairline line5 cfac0201
anteriorInfant hairline line4 cfac0202
anteriorInfant hairline line3 cfac0203
anteriorInfant hairline line2 cfac0204
anteriorInfant hairline line1 cfac0205
anteriorInfant eye left line6 cfac0206
anteriorInfant eye left line5 cfac0207
anteriorInfant eye left line4 cfac0208
anteriorInfant eye left line3 cfac0209
anteriorInfant eye left line2 cfac0210
anteriorInfant eye left line1 cfac0211
anteriorInfant eye right line6 cfac0212
anteriorInfant eye right line5 cfac0213
anteriorInfant eye right line4 cfac0214
anteriorInfant eye right line3 cfac0215
anteriorInfant eye right line2 cfac0216
anteriorInfant eye right line1 cfac0217
anteriorInfant ear right line4 cfac0218
anteriorInfant ear right line3 cfac0219
anteriorInfant ear right line2 cfac0220
anteriorInfant ear right line1 cfac0221
anteriorInfant ear left line4 cfac0222
anteriorInfant ear left line3 cfac0223
anteriorInfant ear left line2 cfac0224
anteriorInfant ear left line1 cfac0225
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line9 cfac0226
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line8 cfac0227
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line7 cfac0228
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line6 cfac0229
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line5 cfac0230
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line4 cfac0231
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line3 cfac0232
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line2 cfac0233
anteriorInfant eyebrow right line1 cfac0234
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line9 cfac0235
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line8 cfac0236
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line7 cfac0237
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line6 cfac0238
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line5 cfac0239
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line4 cfac0240
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line3 cfac0241
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line2 cfac0242
anteriorInfant eyebrow left line1 cfac0243
anteriorInfant mouthNose noseBorder left canonical cfac0244
anteriorInfant mouthNose noseBorder right canonical cfac0245
anteriorInfant mouthNose nostrils canonical cfac0246
anteriorInfant mouthNose upperLip canonical cfac0247
anteriorInfant mouthNose lowerLip canonical lowerBorder cfac0248
anteriorInfant mouthNose lowerLip canonical upperBorder cfac0249
anteriorInfant headNeckOutline line4 cfac0250
anteriorInfant headNeckOutline line3 cfac0251
anteriorInfant headNeckOutline line2 cfac0252
anteriorInfant headNeckOutline line1 cfac0253