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Melissa Clarkson https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9979-176X 2019-07 image/svg+xml https://endlessforms.info/cfac/cfac0274 en Copyright (c) 2019, Melissa Clarkson CC BY-NC-SA infantHead lateralLeft

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infantHead lateralLeft


head, infant, canonical anatomy, lateral


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Melissa Clarkson


Copyright © 2019 Melissa Clarkson


lateralLeftInfant mouthNose line3 cfac0275
lateralLeftInfant mouthNose line2 cfac0276
lateralLeftInfant mouthNose line1 cfac0277
lateralLeftInfant ear line5 cfac0278
lateralLeftInfant ear line4 cfac0279
lateralLeftInfant ear line3 cfac0280
lateralLeftInfant ear line2 cfac0281
lateralLeftInfant ear line1 cfac0282
lateralLeftInfant hairline line6 cfac0283
lateralLeftInfant hairline line5 cfac0284
lateralLeftInfant hairline line4 cfac0285
lateralLeftInfant hairline line3 cfac0286
lateralLeftInfant hairline line2 cfac0287
lateralLeftInfant hairline line1 cfac0288
lateralLeftInfant headNeckOutline line3 cfac0289
lateralLeftInfant headNeckOutline line2 cfac0290
lateralLeftInfant headNeckOutline line1 cfac0291
lateralLeftInfant eye line5 cfac0292
lateralLeftInfant eye line4 cfac0293
lateralLeftInfant eye line3 cfac0294
lateralLeftInfant eye line2 cfac0295
lateralLeftInfant eye line1 cfac0296
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line8 cfac0297
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line7 cfac0298
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line6 cfac0299
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line5 cfac0300
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line4 cfac0301
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line3 cfac0302
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line2 cfac0303
lateralLeftInfant eyebrow line1 cfac0304