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Melissa Clarkson https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9979-176X 2019-07 image/svg+xml https://endlessforms.info/cfac/cfac0305 en Copyright (c) 2019, Melissa Clarkson CC BY-NC-SA infantHead obliqueRight

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infantHead obliqueRight


head, infant, canonical anatomy, oblique


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Melissa Clarkson


Copyright © 2019 Melissa Clarkson


obliqueRightInfant eye left line5 cfac0306
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose philtrumLine left cfac0307
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose philtrumLine right cfac0308
obliqueRightInfant ear line5 cfac0309
obliqueRightInfant ear line4 cfac0310
obliqueRightInfant ear line3 cfac0311
obliqueRightInfant ear line2 cfac0312
obliqueRightInfant ear line1 cfac0313
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose mouth line4 cfac0314
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose mouth line3 cfac0315
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose mouth line2 cfac0316
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose mouth line1 cfac0317
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose nose line4 cfac0318
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose nose line3 cfac0319
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose nose line2 cfac0320
obliqueRightInfant mouthNose nose line1 cfac0321
obliqueRightInfant headNeckOutline line5 cfac0322
obliqueRightInfant headNeckOutline line4 cfac0323
obliqueRightInfant headNeckOutline line3 cfac0324
obliqueRightInfant headNeckOutline line2 cfac0325
obliqueRightInfant headNeckOutline line1 cfac0326
obliqueRightInfant hairline line7 cfac0327
obliqueRightInfant hairline line6 cfac0328
obliqueRightInfant hairline line5 cfac0329
obliqueRightInfant hairline line4 cfac0330
obliqueRightInfant hairline line3 cfac0331
obliqueRightInfant hairline line2 cfac0332
obliqueRightInfant hairline line1 cfac0333
obliqueRightInfant eye right line6 cfac0334
obliqueRightInfant eye right line5 cfac0335
obliqueRightInfant eye right line4 cfac0336
obliqueRightInfant eye right line3 cfac0337
obliqueRightInfant eye right line2 cfac0338
obliqueRightInfant eye right line1 cfac0339
obliqueRightInfant eye left line6 cfac0340
obliqueRightInfant eye left line4 cfac0341
obliqueRightInfant eye left line3 cfac0342
obliqueRightInfant eye left line2 cfac0343
obliqueRightInfant eye left line1 cfac0344
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line9 cfac0345
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line8 cfac0346
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line7 cfac0347
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line6 cfac0348
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line5 cfac0349
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line4 cfac0350
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line3 cfac0351
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line2 cfac0352
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow right line1 cfac0353
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line8 cfac0354
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line7 cfac0355
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line6 cfac0356
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line5 cfac0357
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line4 cfac0358
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line3 cfac0359
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line2 cfac0360
obliqueRightInfant eyebrow left line1 cfac0361